Moved by how food relates to our cultural and everyday journeys. Tierra Piedra is a design practice around the rituals of eating founded by Verónica González and based in Mexico City.
Verónica González is an industrial designer who performs her creative practice through objects and spaces using food as her main artistic medium. Her objects tell stories about the people who craft them and the preservation of traditional and handmade techniques, while worked in regions of all around Mexico.
At every project, Tierra Piedra is always in the constant search for expressive practices towards the respect of our land and a zero waste processes during its pathway to our homes. 
The studio pursuits the creations of objects that play a role in self expressiveness into spaces and ambiences making us experience new outstanding ways to feed.

Cemex, Reebok, L’oreal, Delta Airlines, Swatch.

Lamonomagazine, Voyage Voyage


Sculptural objects made in Mexico * Special inquiries * instagram or email