performs its creative practice through objects and spaces around the acts of eating
the studio focus their work on the stimulation of senses that influence our visual perception
using food as an art medium for communication practices with brands and companies.

Art direction in collaboration with photographer Almendra Isabel.
CÍTRICO Is a documentation project of abstract feelings that are being exposed during a friend’s road trip. Expressed by pieces that are being placed on, it is a reflection of balance between what’s left in the car and what’s chosen to come along with (the same way feelings do).
        It is a research for wild acts that were needed tobe found and the constant search for an ambiance of creation in large unknown spaces. It is a practive of presence of the moment, whether is an act of self expression or the simple ritual of -having a drink-. It is an act of appreaciation to the food that nourished during this time and the one that turned to came along with. It isthe freedom within us.